Monday, July 13, 2009


Reading: Epitaph for a Desert Anarchist
Gift from Earth

As you may know, much of the south is suffering under near record temps and unfortunately drought. These factors are not lost on me trying to build in what is at a stretch "the south" aka my current house site. I was recently informed that it may be likely that I will need to sink a well, something I have been avoiding not only because the cost and environmental damage, but also because the well water here is decidedly nasty. I am perhaps the biggest fan of well water, and still (pun intended) I will be the first to say that this well water tastes like an omelet of rusty nails and rotten eggs (iron and sulfur) with the appearance of weak tea..

The upshot is that I now must look even more closely into rain water collection and perhaps consider 5000 gallon tanks or the like to get me through the two to three months of possible drought times.. else drill a well.

Or perhaps better yet reconsider building here.. unfortunately I have invested a year prepping for this build, and that same year losing income so my options are more limited than I like. Still, other mountains do call out...

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