Monday, July 20, 2009

I have to admit that though I am a fan of scientific achievement and particularly space exploration, I am sick at heart of hearing about all of the advancements "due to" or which "would only have come from" the moon missions. The truth is that we either would have developed these technologies as they became necessary, else they were never necessary.

No government has ever or will ever create or otherwise be responsible for advancement of the species. This is self-evident but also easily proved once one considers the purpose and nature of government.

All government exists for the sole purpose of controlling others. Those in power assume that they are angels with no need of control, and many who are slaves to the powers that be agree with smiles on their faces. What this means for technology or for advancement is that the focus of these advances will always be in the form of control of others.

So when you look to the advancements of the space mission, look to the use of emotional appeals to increase taxation. Look to the increase in the use of cameras such that it is almost impossible to be in public but not on camera.. Look to the abuses of power for personal gain.

These are the legacy of the space mission, and every government endeavor.

As are 70 pound fancy calculators.. prohibited research into fuel cells and the infamous billion dollar pen which can write in space (the Russians were smart enough to use a pencil!!)

Microcomputers, modern fuel cells, and even fancy pens are the result of private individuals seeksing to make a living. Never forget this fundamental lesson of liberty..

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