Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Sorry about the delay in posting, but apparently I got crossways with the Chinese government.. :) What really happened is that the block on the blog was expanded beyond just the page on which the blog appears to include the page I had been using to post the blog. So, while I tried to post these last 10 days, I was prevented from doing so.

I am currently in the Tokyo Airport (Narita, Japan) paying exorbident rates for connectivity, but I had to have my fix..

The last several days were spent in Beijing doing the tourist thing at the typical places: Summer Palace, Forbidden City, Ming Tombs, Marco Polo Bridge (okay so we were the only westerners at that one), and probably places I am not recalling right now.. Beijing was a good last stop before returning because though I did now want to leave China while I was still in Tianjin, a few days in Beijing and I was ready to leave. Too many people, too much like a western city..

There is a great deal left to tell, but I just do not have the energy right now. I honestly do not see how so many people make these trans-oceanic flights on a regular basis.

It is 2:35pm local time, and I will be arriving in Austin just before 7pm local time.. I only wish those local times were the same locality.. unfortunately I have many many hours to go to get from here to then.. in fact I leave Dallas earlier in the day (16th) than I leave Narita... this crossing the date line makes for interesting and long days.

More to come when I get settled at home again..

All the best to y'all


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