Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Not much to add at the moment as I am pressed for time. However I wanted to mention that I am adding photos from the recent trip to Shangdong province as quickly as I can, but as I took nearly 200 photos, and I am adding in some that my father took, this is quite a chore.

Also I am preparing lectures and power point type presentations for Tianjin Normal University, as well as BHA (two seminars) that have to be done asap.

Bear with me on the photos, I am doing what I can. I will add descriptions when I can as well, but it may be that I do not get all of the descriptions done until I return to the states. It takes longer than you might expect to post the photos then add descriptions of each, especially with the stone age internet connection.

I am off.. going to get another acupuncture treatment.

All the best,


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