Monday, August 16, 2010

Still away from the 'stead

I am still away from BWoH, busily earning a bit of coin to build the homestead, and to enjoy a few luxuries like extra electrical power and water storage.

The stress of running a full time business again is bothersome and a welcomed reminder of why I left here in the first place. Though this too is beautiful hill country, and though I have enjoyed many luxuries simply not available in BWoH, the trafic, constant business calls, and long working days go against the life I am trying to build. A few more weeks and I should be moving on, back to the BWoH.

In the meantime I am making the most of the place I am, while still keeping up on my readings including blogs and news sites. One such blog actually has the author declaring that the moral worth of the individual is unimportant and a failed concept.. Somehow I am guessing that if it were himself or those for whom he cared who was threatened, he'd change his stripes.. :)

Life goes on.. we make the most of it that we can, and if we are decent we do so without harming others.

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