Saturday, August 28, 2010

Still is still moving to me..

I am still living in the art gallery and working far harder than anyone should in the terrible heat here in the hot hills.. Well that was true up until today anyway. I just left that house to dog sit for some friends here for the weekend, then back to the ol' gallery at the invitation of the wonderful folks who live there, having returned from their trip.

Work has been very satisfying, outside of the much needed income. The art gallery (actually a home I remodelled some years ago) has provided the opportunity to touch up some minor details I did not have time to address when we did the original remodel, as well a do a few other projects for this delightful couple. The next project was a kitchen remodel, a partial job for a couple just starting out. I was able to create the canvas upon which they will be able to paint their own ideal kitchen. From that to a flagstone patio and path system, along with a garden shed, and next week I hope to begin an interior makeover which will turn a couple of drab and dreary bedrooms into the exciting Asian inspired rooms that the owner desires.

In the meantime I am reading voraciously, though I've been lax in updating the books here unfortunately. Currently I am on Hemingway's For Whom the Bell Tolls, which is guaranteed to be bright and cheerful.. :)

I've probably about another two or three weeks in this locale before I can head back to the homestead, though I'd like to be working on the home, it is good to garner a bit of income before I return.

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