Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Still away from the site

I am growing increasingly frustrated with being away from the site, knowing that I am missing a great time to be building, however I must be realistic, knowing that since this is the one step I cannot do myself, the dig that is, that I must work to pay for it. I am also fulfilling a promise to my mother, to design and remodel one house for her once she retired. A short while more and it will be nearly complete. Perhaps one more trip in the fall and I will have not only the entire interior, but the remaining exterior landscape design as well.

On the upside, I am further developing my agorist life by accepting more work in yet another city, which will happen after a stay back on site during which time I hope to get the rest of the earth (read "rock") moving done, so I can begin the build for real.

Spent the evening with some dear friends and two beautiful young ladies.. A fun night was had by all.. one of those rare great days..

Hopefully not too long and I will be back on site..

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