Friday, April 02, 2010

Tough few days

Its been busy here in the Backwoods of Hell..

Between planting the garden, adding rice hulls for mulch around all of the plants, including the berry bushes put in a few weeks ago, getting ready to travel to do a kitchen remodel job in Kansas, getting seedlings started, and of course taking care of cattle, I've had little time to myself, except for the long nights when I have not been sleeping...

But what has really made this a tough time is that in the small herd I am caring for, we lost a calf a few days go, and then his mother today. It is incidents like this, where you lose an animal, despite your best efforts, that make me wonder if I will ever be able to raise any livestock myself. It may well be that I simply do not have the demeanor for it. Time will tell..

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