Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Travelin' Days are hear again..

I collected a few stones for some landscape decoration projects, mowed Rancher Bob's vast yard, collected what I could from the garden so that it does not go to waste, emptied the suitcase, washed the clothes and repacked them, so I guess I am ready to head out in the morning.

Hopefully the drive is a pleasant one, though I've made the trip to Kansas so many times through the same flatlands that it becomes increasingly difficult to find something new to enjoy there, though I try.

Yesterday the freezer I ordered about 8 weeks ago now, finally arrived. Even though the seller, AJ Madison, promised "white glove inside delivery" the shipper they finally did use could not have gotten the semi up the roads and back to where the freezer needs to be, and this is a much easier location than where my own home will be! So because the shipper, particularly the driver, had nothing to do with the attrocious service from AJ Madison, I took pity on him. I met him at the highway (two lane paved road.. generously dubbed a highway) so we could move the freezer from his semi to my truck. As it turns out this was one of those very rare times when a good deed is not punished.

Ernie Hill is the driver's name, and I am very pleased to have met him. Not only was he personable, but it seemed with every other sentence we were discovering that our paths nearly crossed on many occassions. We share some Kansas history, had roamed similar roads, and spent part of our lives in the same places. He too is a songwriter, and after relating various music stories, he pulls out a cd he self-produced. As I am typing this I am listening to ol' Ernie sing and play. I hope to make it to the bluegrass festival in Winfield KS this year, though I never did in all of the years spent just up the road from there. With luck, I'll run into ol' Ernie there.. sitting under his electric peace sign..

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