Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Fininshed The Faded Sun trilogy by C.J. Cherryh, one of the rare wonderful story tellers. I first thought this to be a pale reflection of the Foreigner series by her, but in the end this is entirely its own and a story I hated to see end, a feeling I attribute to great story tellers.

Dinner was another garden feast of mixed squashes, garlic, and fresh herbs.. delicious..

Work progresses slowly due to weather and four legged complications. Still, I made some progress today after the rains quit.

Still experiencing computer issues, and phone issues, but I am adopting a bit of a view that they are all magic and there is not enough eye of newt in the mix currently.. or some such missing ingredient. There seems to be no rational explanation to the computer problems, and dealing with AT&T customer service is more difficult than communing with the dead via seance.. Perhaps I can rationalize some lesson to be learned here.. or perhaps this will tip the scales and turn me into a pure luddite.. (reminds me.. I saw an interesting hulu show called something like foodie luddite.. I will try to post a link later.. )


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