Sunday, June 07, 2009

Ever on the Road

.. or so it seems.

I am leaving again in a few days to travel back to Kansas, this time to work primarily upon the exterior of my mother's home, though there are other projects ranging from preserving a fence for my grandparents, to applying epoxy to the floor of a basement and the front porch of a home. With any luck at all, I will also manage to get some paying work in addition to the work for family, which any contractor/designer can tell you pays only in the rewards you find in the doing of the work itself.

Making this more difficult is that I am still trying to live out of 120 sq ft at best, with my tools and other "stuff" scattered from Atlanta, Georgia to Austin, Texas, to Wichita, Kansas to the back hills of the Oauchita Mountains.. I already know that I won't have all that I need, so this work will be less efficient than when I has the business in Texas, but it will get done with the same high regard to quality as always.

There is so much more positive to talk about, from the morning harvest of a few precious raspberries and a dewberry or two, to the views seen from 3500ft one afternoon spent navel gazing, but as you can tell tonight my mind is on this latest transition. While traveling is in my blood, I have been without a base, without a place of my own of any real sort for just shy of a year now, and so I grow weary of these transitions, holding patterns, and delays which are beyond my control.

To be honest, were my savings just a bit greater, I would simply keep on driving after this project and find some even more remote land farther out west, and farther away from the presumptions (of others) of obligations (on me).

Ah well, this too will pass.. I will find joy in the design and creation process, and perhaps my return will in this instance actually signal the real start to the build process..

I did spy one or two raspberries which ought to be ripe by morning.. and perhaps I will be able to find a couple of early dewberries..

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