Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I cannot claim to have gotten any rest, but I have been busy

I've spent the better part of the week I've been here working on demolition, design, and some remodeling of my mother's home. The short list so far includes removing a hearth, scraping down three popcorn ceilings, completely removing the sheetrock from the library ceiling, removing all of the bookcases in the library, adding new door knobs (lever/paddle type) to several rooms, replacing several light fixtures, hanging a new ceiling fan, and painting walls and ceilings.

I've also designed a mantle and hearth-shelf with wood storage underneath for the fireplace (obviously) and a new coffered ceiling for the library along with completely new custom built in bookcases. Tomorrow will bring the installation of the ceiling, which will be a chore, but result in what I believe is a truly elegant if unexpected ceiling in the space. The objective is to turn the space into an English library..

Several other folks have asked for help, advice, and my services while I am here so with luck I will be able to add at least a little to my nest egg for the homestead to be built in a few more months..

In the meantime I am planning a side trip to Tulsa next week, and hopefully this weekend go see the caravan I will soon own..

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