Thursday, July 10, 2008

First of many stops

Well I have left Texas, perhaps for the last time in my life. I cannot say that it was all good or all bad, but it was a time of some contemplation and remembrances. I have spent a greater portion of my life in Texas than I have spent in any other place. I truly appreciate and enjoy the entire Texas mystique and myth, still it was time for a move.

So now I find myself in the center of the contiguous US... I will spend some time here in KS working on the homes of relatives and friends before moving on to the next stop over. During that time, I expect to make at least a couple of side trips to see other friends, so the travels continue even within the larger picture of the larger trip/move.

For now I am exhausted and tired of moving boxes. I sincerely hope to unload about a third of what I still had when leaving Texas, here in KS. With any luck by the time I reach my new homestead come next spring, I will have managed to reduce my possessions still more, to the point of having only the essentials. "Simplify, simplify, simplify" shall be my motto for some months to come.

TO all who have been wondering, rest assured I have arrived safely and will get to some sort of routine in a few days when I have recovered from this first stage of moving. I hope to tell a bit about the journey up here and post a photo or two once I am rested.

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