Monday, May 17, 2004

Still updating photos so check the galleries that you may have already seen!

Last night we had dinner with some academics who have asked Dad and I to give presentations at Tianjin Normal University. It is possible that this could turn into many presentations, which could be interetsting. So far they have left open my topics, though I am planning on focusing on business ethics at some point, what may surprise many in the states is that they encouraged me to speak on supposedly forbidden topics such as government, freedom, democracy, even the problems of the cultural revolution. I found this interesting not because of the rhetoric we hear about China, but because it can be difficult to speak on those topics in the US, unless one is toeing the party line.

The first talk, which will be Thursday morning, I am probably going to avoid those topics in favor of some basic differences between China and the US as well as some talk of critical thought and the importance of critical thought in education and employment.

For those who have been following my accounts of the food, first I apologize for the incomplete nature of those accounts. There is simply too much food to recall what we had at any given time. For instance, last night there were four of us dining together, but there were 12 different dishes of food.

The housekeeper fixes a meal for one, and Dad and I share it, when we eat dinner at all, and are satisfied. I have said it before, but it deserves repeating: these folks eat more than any 2 people I have known.

Time to return to uploading photos. I will try to get some of the university on Thursday..

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