Sunday, May 16, 2004

Photos: Ran into a couple of snags when uploading the latest batch of photos. The first problem has been weather which interferes with the speed and connection to the net. The second is a greater problem, I believe, and that is that the new photo files are larger in size and so they take far longer to upload. I am working to resize the photos and hopefully cut down on the file size so that I can post a great many more photos here, but if not then I will have to wait until I return to the states and the borg that is our home before I can post all of the rest of the photos.

That said, I will still be posting new photos of the same file size as the first few batches whenever I can. The difference is the use of different digital cameras, so all of the photos from my own camera I will be posting, but those from my father's may not get posted until I return. Clear as mud?

I have also chenged some of the layout of the gallery, and have been adding photos to the Danxia-Yellow river gallery, so check these out. The layout change was in part due to the possibility of creating a special gallery for my father to post his photos of China from before and after my visit.

About future events: we are in the planning stages of the trip to Mt Taishan as well as a trip to one of the summer palaces in Chengde. The former is the holiest of the five holy mountains in Taoism, as well as Buddhism. Both will be reached by train, with the trip to Chengde going along the Great Wall for some portion of the trip. More information on these as they develop.

All the best to everyone.

Update: I think that I have found a way to more quickly load photos, so with luck a great many more will appear over the next couple of days.

Also, I have opened up the comment option, so I welcome any comments, questions, or observations from anyone. If I do not respond to a some question or comment, feel free to email me to make sure that I can see it, since for some strange reason some of the Blogger pages are blocked (by the government)

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