Sunday, January 16, 2011

Still is still moving to me..

I am still in the flatlands, taking care of family. End of life issues, along side glimmers of hope, combined with undercurrents of old emotion based problems.. Still some good memories, some good time spent.

On the homesteading front, I have now brewed two batches of apple cider. The first crisp and clean, nice though would have been better had I gotten some better juice (what I used is locally hailed as the best possible.. I differ in opinion). The second.. well I allowed it to continue to ferment as it was fermenting at a frantic pace for more than two weeks, something I have never seen in brewing beer. Finally it slowed, and so I filtered it and gave it a try. In a word: fail.. Its best quality is that it contains alcohol.. but it is bland, with a slight bitterness and a hint of a vinegar smell though it never had the chance to turn to vinegar. Still, this is good learning experience that I can apply to the five to ten gallons of pear juice and pulp I have waiting for me back at BWoH.

For now, that is life as I am living it.. it remains interesting.

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