Thursday, April 24, 2008

Reducing the load

The first step on this particular journey is to reduce my possessions. I have alluded to this, but I am going to briefly explore some of the steps taken. Today for instance I went through my CD collection and reluctantly removed all of the jewel cases, choosing to put each insert and CD into a large CD folder. At the same time I chose several CD's which I could live without and set them aside to sell. What surprised me is that with the CD folder, I honestly saved only about 20-30% of the space that CDs with jewel cases takes up. Still, it is admittedly more organized and easier to move this way.

I am still going through my books trying to filter out any that I will not use in the future. This is a real challenge as there are some books which I suspect that I will read when I get to that point where I have more time on my hands and no idiot box with Tivo to distract me. Still, some the more esoteric philosohy books, all of the russian language books, and some of the sci-fi can go by the wayside now.

I have separated the clothes in my closet into those which I can discard and those which I should keep. This was far easier than either of the other two things. I should be able to cut the clothing mass in about half. Fortunately I just do not need much in the way of clothing since I am not one to follow the trends.

I am planning on leaving or selling all of my gardening equipment and buy new when I get to my final destination. These things are just too bulky to transport all across the nation. So too with most of my work equipment. I will keep some of the smaller and specialized tools and equipment, but most of the saws and other larger equipment will all go into the sell pile.

The kitchen supplies will be limited to many cast iron pans and dutch ovens, in fact more than I truly need, but I will confess a love of cast iron both for its use in cooking as well as the general aesthetic of the material. Besides, they last forever and do not lose their value! Other than this, a few special glasses, a few utensils, and a four place set of dishes I picked up 7 years ago which is still packed all nice and neatly in the box. Anything else I need I can pick up inexpensively either on the road or when I get to where I am going.

What more is there? I am sure a great deal and the next couple of months will reveal the form this other takes..


Ian said...

Hi Brian,
great to hear how it'sall going.
Make sure you oil up those cast iron pans well as they go mighty rusty when they are not being used.

Brian said...

No worries Ian, the dust will keep the rust away! :) They have been out of service for many years (I just inherited them this year) so I am planning on more or less reseasoning them all before I start using them.